Frodo: a Hobbit who has the burden of the One Ring

Sam: Frodo's friend who follows him and helps him

Gollum: once a hobbit, he got the The One Ring and became "addicted with it" he developed two different personalities and only leads Frodo and Sam to Mount Doom because he wants the Ring for himself

Aragorn: an exiled king but will become king later

Legolos: an Elf who is an archer. he wants Saruman and Sauron out of the land

Gimli: a Dwarf who follows and helps Frodo destroy the One Ring

Gandalf The White: a Wizard who bestowed The One Ring onto Frodo

Merry & Pippin: two Hobbbits who assist Frodo in getting rid of the One Ring

Saruman and Sauron: two evil forces who wish to take over the land and practically bestow chaos upon the land

Orcs: foot soldiers for Saruman and Sauron who are born from the earth. minimal intellegence, maximum force

Nazgûl: Shadow Riders for the Saruman and Sauron. their Morgul Blade could turn a regular entity into a Nazgûl. they have Black Breath which causes unconcioussness and nightmares. Frodo was a victum of this as well as Merry